5G deployment models are crystallizing

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    5G deployment models are crystallising
    Opportunities for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems
    A very good paper on 5G case studies and deployment model.
    • 5G – the next big wave in telecom
    • 5G has the potential to disrupt the market
    • 5G deployment models are crystallizing
    • Non-telecom players are moving into the 5G space
    • Telecom operators should place their stakes in the 5G ground
    • Operators should choose models now that maximize their future chance of winning
    5G is becoming a strategic priority for telecom operators. Telecom operators and vendors are announcing 5G rollout plans or launching pilots each month. Operators are also collaborating with other industry players such as vehicle manufacturers, city administrative authorities, sports authorities and governing bodies to announce plans for smart mobility, smart city, immersive Olympics, and many other use cases.

    5G rollout model
    • Gigabit broadband to the home
    • NextGen mobile user experience
    • Future corporate networks
    • Digital industrial ecosystems
    • NextGen Infra-as-a-Service
    5G Rollout Models.PNG

    5G Real Use Cases :
    Red dual 6k virtual-reality cameras are already used to record live events such as USGA (Golf).
    In order for a viewer to watch an 8k virtual-reality sporting event, a throughput of 200–300 Mbps would be needed, which can be best delivered by 5G.

    5G can enable a virtual-reality meeting which requires high bandwidth and millisecond latency, coupled with holographic rendering and spatial audio, to simulate a real meeting environment.

    Vodafone and Hitachi are working together on a IoT-based smart-train solution.
    Each one of Hitachi’s trains will be part of a global IoT network provisioned by Vodafone, which will enable real-time monitoring and optimizing, and pro-active operations.

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