LTE Device Ecosystem - July 2017

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    In a recent Report from GSACOM reveals some surprising figures.

    Prepared by GSA based on information researched and stored in the GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Database - GAMBoD

    - 8,623 LTE User Devices have been launched into the market from 569 manufacturers.
    - New total is more than 53% higher than the number of devices reported by GSA end June 2016.
    - The number of suppliers grew 25% in the same period.
    - LTE FDD frequency bands amongst the most supported by the devices ecosystem.
    - 91% of all LTE devices can operate on a 3G technology
    • 7,080 devices (82.1%) can operate on either HSPA/HSPA+/DC-HSPA+ or 3C-HSPA+
    • 5,242 devices (60.8%) support DC-HSPA+
    • 1,277 devices (14.8%) support TD-SCDMA
    • 1,259 devices (14.6%) support EV-DO
    - 99% of LTE phones are multimode/3G capable
    - 91.9% of LTE tablets are multimode/3G capable
    - Category 4 UE devices : peak downlink rate up to 150 Mbps with peak uplink up to 50 Mbps on compatible networks.
    - There are 4,815 devices i.e. 55.8% of LTE devices that support speeds up to Category 4, (excluding higher UE categories).
    - VoLTE User Devices : GSA has recorded 1,313 VoLTE-capable devices including carrier and frequency variants.
    - LTE connected drones are starting to appear and are expected to increase in variety and scope.
    - LTE devices for use in unlicensed spectrum
    • 14 LAA devices announced
    • 42 LTE-U devices announced
    • 16 LWA devices announced
    - LTE TDD devices : The LTE TDD user devices ecosystem is well established with 3,367 devices, i.e.
    over 39% of LTE devices support the LTE TDD (TD-LTE) mode.

    Download full report : LTE Eco System : July 2017

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