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    LTE networks carry a huge amount of data, driven by a growing number of LTE subscribers that reached almost 300 million by mid 2014. Radio capabilities have also been evolving rapidly with the development of
    LTE-Advanced, enabling a commercially available peak data rate, with carrier aggregation, of 300 Mbps during 2014. As part of 3GPP Release 13, a new activity has been started using unlicensed spectrum with LTE alongside licensed spectrum. This is known in 3GPP as License Assisted Access (LAA). This would allow operators to benefit from the additional capacity available from the unlicensed spectrum, particularly in hotspots and corporate environments. With LAA, the extra spectrum resource, especially on the 5 GHz frequency band, can complement licensed band LTE operation.

    LTE-U Unlicensed spectrum

    The frequency band of most interest for 3GPP is the 5 GHz band, which has a lot of unlicensed spectrum available globally, much more than the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Most markets offer a large amount of spectrum
    in the 5 GHz band, for example in Europe there is 455 MHz of spectrum available in the band, as shown in Figure 1. There are also allocations available in the 5 GHz band in countries such as Korea and Japan.
    LTE-U Spectrum.PNG
    Operational Environment
    The use of LTE on unlicensed bands has been considered for public indoor cells or outdoor hot spots, generally places where there is coverage from licensed band LTE operation but where additional capacity would be beneficial. The intention in the 3GPP work is not to define a standalone system that could be used for example, in residential/home environments, since there are existing solutions such as femto cell or Wi-Fi for that case. Another typical use case would be the corporate environment, which would benefit from the use of high capacity LTE radio technology. LTE-Unlicensed environment.PNG

    Reasons for using unlicensed spectrum with LTE
    • Better spectrum efficiency than the current technologies
    • High data rates and at the same time high spectral efficiency
    • Well integrated to the operator’s existing radio network setup
    • The use of both licensed and unlicensed spectrum offers end users higher data rates

    Capacity with LTE & Wi-Fi on the same 20 MHz channel
    Co-existence Performance between LTE and WiFi.PNG

    Download Entire Paper from Nokia Website

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